What it takes to compete:

Last week in my chemistry lab was rough. We were told to recrystallize an unknown organic acid. I had strict guidelines for the procedure but even with them I seem to move slowly and inefficient. A buddy who works right next to me in lab gets accurate results and finishes at least 30 minutes before me every session. The inefficiency of my work ended up leaving me behind when my lab time was up.

The next day I went to my lab professor in his office to talk about how I could possibly catch up and what to change in lab. However, when I arrived another student was already in there with him. He was in the middle of talking about all the different gifts on his shelves and around the room that have been given to him by past students; most of which went on to graduate school. Nonetheless he invited me in. Without even talking to him about my problems first he gave a speech to the other student and I about time management (I don’t know if thats what the girl came in for or not, Dr. Kennedy is also a freshman advisor). He pretty much ended up giving us a whole seminar on how to be a successful student:

He starts out talking about how he went to an ivy league school on a full scholarship straight out of high school (Cornell). By the end of his sophemore year his gpa had dropped below 3.0 and he lost his scholarship. He said he was so thankful to find a small neighboring college that accepted him and would give him a second chance. In his reflection, he realized that he was a master procrastinator and didn’t know how to be a serious student like all of his old Ive Leage friends. He came up with schedule and abided by it seriously.

He then gave both of us a schedule from 8:00am to 12:00pm Monday-Sunday. Every hour should be filled in with your studying, extracurricular activities, etc. Being an advisor he also told us how much time to devote to studying a week. When calculated up 35 total hours a week for me I was SHOCKED. Thats almost a full time time job! 10 hours for Chemistry, 8 hours for math, 5 hours for English, American Government, and Phioloshpy, and 2 hours to prepare for Chem Lab. This seemed all too demanding at the time but I left his office yesterday with a sincere drive.

I now have a written out schedule that I am following as best I can. Dr. Kennedy said this is what it takes to compete. These words have lingered in my head since I left, “What it takes to compete”. Going into the medical field and aspiring to be an orthopedic surgeon one day, I took these words in with a great desire to push myself to the limit. After I leave this world I want to say I have tried NO LESS than my best at everything. I want to be the best at anything I can be. Not for myself, of course, but the best service to ┬ámy patients and my community is what I want. I have a strong faith and I feel that all of my work here is for the Kingdom ahead so I try not to get caught up in worldly desires, which is hard for anyone.

To wrap things up, I just want to be a guidance to anyone who wants to get serious about their school work, faith, or their life in general. This schedule will help me be the serious student I need to be to do WHAT IT TAKES TO COMPETE.