What great morning today was. I had a solid breakfast: https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51a7312c7e2c8d1576000d40

I had to be at work earlier than usual to see all patients because Dr. Powell had a funeral to go to in the afternoon. I came home around 1:00 and ate a radical lunch of liver and vegetables: https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51a790507e2c8d1576000d5c

I knew I was SATISFIED after eating this, but OF COURSE I went and made a chocolate shake: https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51a798787e2c8d1576000d5f

According to this sleeping app I use, Sleep Cycle (I love it!), I had 62% sleep quality last night, which is my lowest ever. I did not feel it at work. Around 2:00, after eating, I felt lethargic. I wanted to blame it on my lunch meal but that was solid. I ended up falling asleep at 5:00 for an hour.

I WOKE UP AND GOT THEM KETTLEBELL SWINGS! Followed by dinner: https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51a7fc5f7e2c8d1576000da7 Why do I keep making liquid meals? Probably because they are very customizable and I can blend a wide variety of foods that would taste wild by themselves.

– Thursday


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