New Lifting Routine per 4-Hour Body

So this week I have been going through the motions for the most part. Looking back on most meals this week, I increasingly find myself stuffing my face with huge veggie meals…. just like I did during the school year. I think this is beneficial for my work schedule… I really do. I am doing a 17/7 intermittent fasting diet on some days… where I eat only from 1:00-7:00 each day. I only do this when it is convenient of course. I like the challenge. But if I am not scheduled to work and am at home trying to work in the morning THIS DOES NOT WORK. I am not self-disciplined enough to ignore my hunger when I know healthy foods are awaiting just downstairs. That is why IF works best when I have busy mornings. I do believe fasting has tremendous benefits.

I went to the gym Wednesday (6/5/13) after work and completed my first workout via Ocamms Protocal. I am starting to treat the gym as my laboratory, strictly controlling variables. I have never been precise in logging my workouts over the past couple of years but I wanted to start so I can analyze quantitative data.

120×5.8 reps 1:23
60×7.5 reps… 1:42

Warmed up with some functional movements… Typically I will only do one set to failure but since I am just beginning this protocol I needed to calibrate my standards. I am EXCITED TO FINALLY start analyzing my workouts like I do my research!


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