Tuesday 6/11/13 Meeting an IFBB Pro

Fantastic day with nutrition… for the most part. I knew, or thought, I was in for a hardcore training session tonight so I stocked up on 40g of carbs during breakfast at 7:00. https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51b6f5cc7e2c8d1576001287

I did not feel sharp after eating this. I hate feeling “full” in the morning. This loaded me down and I felt somewhat lethargic until I took an espresso 2 hours later. I had salmon and vegetables when I got hungry for lunch around 2:00. I went and looked at some apartments in ATL and just passed out on the way home at 5:00. I was planning on getting home earlier and making a solid preworkout meal with moderate carbs… but I didn’t get home until 5:30. Being very frustrated with no healthy meals prepared, I slammed down some oats and protein powder.


Marc is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder and runs the TigerFitness YouTube channel. Previously his videos have been all about training, supplements, and diet for bodybuilding. Recently, however, he has incorporated his personal philosophical view on life, which I find very inspiring. Marc exemplifies BALANCE with everything in life: family, bodybuilding, and diet. Marc continues to post some of the best fitness videos on YouTube in my opinion and I wish him the best with his family.

Well, the session turned out to be more of a Q&A than a hardcore workout. I went with my buddy Truman and we both felt like we could still handle another workout. We came home and smashed:

Giant Set:

Kettlebell Swings: ~40lb x 25 reps

Powercleans: 105lb x 5 reps

Barbell Rows: 105lb x 5 reps

We completed 3 total sets with 1:30 rest in between sets. I felt great afterwards. So great, that I had another meal to supplement my gains.

https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1/eatings/51b7cb3d7e2c8d15760012c4 –  Just cottage and whey and cocoa for a good night’s sleep.


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