Surgery 6-24-13

An ORIF (open reduction internal fixation) procedure on an ankle… my first time observing the process of plating a broken bone with screws. Very fascinating.


Surgery 6-10-13

Sever arthritis is clearly noticable in the knee joint when you can go in there arthroscopically and see the joint. The cartilage is very fuzzy instead of waxy looking

36 Hours in NYC… No I Did Not Eat Pizza

First and foremost, I went to NYC to visit their outstanding medical facilities. Some of which include Columbia College of Physicians and Surgeons, Weill Cornell Medical School, Icahn School of Medicine at Mount Sinai, New York Presbyterian Hospital, and more, which I wrote all about here!

I definitely could not have conquered NYC without their lovely MTA transportation. Thank you!

I absolutely LOVED visiting the NYC pubic library!

Photo Jun 08, 2 08 18 PM    Photo Jun 08, 2 22 23 PM

I honestly could spend all day in here. Amongst the vast amount of books and literature in this place, I heavily admired the artwork throughout.

Photo Jun 08, 2 21 18 PM           Photo Jun 08, 2 21 39 PM

Just let me pose on the stairs real quick: IMG_0944

I really enjoyed spending the weekend with my parents, together, which is a rare treat for us.


Times Square

Times Square

IMG_0986   Photo Jun 08, 7 27 08 PM

On the plane, ready for any dangerous chemicals

On the plane, ready for any dangerous chemicals




July 1st Weekend & Wellness

Friday I worked from 8:00-5:00. No workout and nothing particularly eventful happened today.

Saturday was GLORIOUS though. I had the whole house to myself all day, a rare treat. I had a copious amount of time to devote to self-meditation and introspection. Among other things, introspection and solitude is what I most look forward to on the weekends after a long week’s work. I had some glorious meals on this day, breakfast and dinner… as well as a late night craving. I’m getting progressively better at cutting out the liquid meals and chocolate treat cravings. Finally….

Today, Sunday, I went to church with the family. Almost always fashionably late, we walked in and found a back row seat. This has always bothered me… I don’t understand why my family is stubborn to get involved in church. Especially my brother… He has never been particularly religious and continually pokes fun at the church we go to. I shouldn’t be the one to judge him though, as I often find myself getting less and less involved with “church” as academic endeavors consume a majority of my time. This is NOT to say I have lost any faith thought! I still believe in a higher Power. There is definitely no way around it. C.S Lewis verifies this argument in the opening chapter of his book, Mere Christianity. Aside from church I had a great day watching Grey’s Anatomy, reading medical articles, books, and researching my trip to Boston for this upcoming weekend! Meals, Meals, Meals, were solid, but I had a splitting headache until I settled down for the night.


I have been consistently using my home made kettlebell whenever I have the urge to exercise. I probably total 150 reps throughout each day.

My weight is looking good too! More on fitness in another post..