July 1st Weekend & Wellness

Friday I worked from 8:00-5:00. No workout and nothing particularly eventful happened today.

Saturday was GLORIOUS though. I had the whole house to myself all day, a rare treat. I had a copious amount of time to devote to self-meditation and introspection. Among other things, introspection and solitude is what I most look forward to on the weekends after a long week’s work. I had some glorious meals on this day, breakfast and dinner… as well as a late night craving. I’m getting progressively better at cutting out the liquid meals and chocolate treat cravings. Finally….

Today, Sunday, I went to church with the family. Almost always fashionably late, we walked in and found a back row seat. This has always bothered me… I don’t understand why my family is stubborn to get involved in church. Especially my brother… He has never been particularly religious and continually pokes fun at the church we go to. I shouldn’t be the one to judge him though, as I often find myself getting less and less involved with “church” as academic endeavors consume a majority of my time. This is NOT to say I have lost any faith thought! I still believe in a higher Power. There is definitely no way around it. C.S Lewis verifies this argument in the opening chapter of his book, Mere Christianity. Aside from church I had a great day watching Grey’s Anatomy, reading medical articles, books, and researching my trip to Boston for this upcoming weekend! Meals, Meals, Meals, were solid, but I had a splitting headache until I settled down for the night.


I have been consistently using my home made kettlebell whenever I have the urge to exercise. I probably total 150 reps throughout each day.

My weight is looking good too! More on fitness in another post..



Home Made Kettlebell! Best Idea Ever!

Okay, so I am reading Tim Ferriss’ 4 Hour Body right now and I realized how beneficial a kettlebell workout is. The gym I go to doesn’t have kettlebells so I was out of luck there. Online I saw them going anywhere from $25 for a 10lb bell all the way up to $90 for the 53lb bell I need.

Tim Ferriss includes in the book a home made option for the kettlebell:

1 = 3/4″ x 12″ nipple which will make the shaft
2 = 3/4″ x 4″   nipples which will be the handles
1 = 3/4″ “T”    Fitting that connect the shaft to the handles
1 = 3/4″          Floor Flange
1 = 3/4″          Spring Clamp (For safety, I drilled a hole with a drill bit and put utilized a plate and bolt to stop the weights)

A grand total of $25 spent at Home Depot and the end product?   Home made Kettlebell

Being the son of a complete and total handyman (airplane mechanic, stay in the garage all day, guy) I had my father weld the piping together at the handles and base. Pictured here is 25lb + 10lb plate= 35lbs … plus the contraption itself, totaling around 39lbs.

I have slapped on 35lb+10lb plates ~ 49lbs… The piece still holds together nicely and I have no need to go heavier in weight.

Want a graceful illustration? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9yev6xc0vSQ

Can I only use it for one exercise? Of course not. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IrON_uR3C0Y


When only scheduled to work a half day at work I need to make a precise agenda of what I want to accomplish before going in. I had plans to get up around 8:00, make sure breakfast was ate by 9:00, and be at the gym by 11:00 to start swinging kettlebells. This did not happen.

I woke up around 7:00 and had this:


I felt on point with this cinnamon coffee. This was an ideal breakfast. However, I believe I was in the kitchen for at least 25 minutes, which is not ideal.I REALLY want to cut that down to about 10-15 minutes if possible. Will work on that…

So this is where the day went wrong, I was still planning on going to the gym at 11:00 (maybe catching a small p shake bc I woke early) but FORGOT I had to deal with financial aid at school… took about an hour.

Skipped the workout and had this for lunch around noon:


A little too much food at this meal…. actually not really.. I remember looking for something else to eat after this but didn’t end up getting anything…

Work was fantastic as always. Check out my other blog “A Premed’s Journey” for that info.

I got home at 6:00…. read for about an hour out of my prized Harvey Cushing biography and then made dinner (AKA Meal #3):


Fascinating, I know. Follow me on dosIQ for daily pictures of meals… I can not always write a food journal every day but I can take a quick pic. DosIQ is really simple… The app on iPhone is a little sketchy but I probably use it more than Instagram. There website is flawless for a food journal though. My Page: https://www.dosiq.com/anewsam1